The Crew


Dave  -   Driver

Dave has been drag racing for 33 years and racing Top Methanol Dragsters for 31 of them.  He will continue to do so this year behind the wheel of the Silverline Racing dragster. Along with Crew Chief David he makes decisions on tune up, drives the team transporter and performs any necessary engineering and fabrication work at his Dave Wilson Racing workshop.


Home Town:  Farnborough, Hampshire


David  -  Crew Chief

Has been working on dragsters since he was a kid and as Crew Chief is the first point of contact for the rest of the crew on all matters technical, as well as acting as joint tuner with his dad.  At the track he takes total charge of all clutch and gearbox maintenance.  When not racing David works for a national water company.


Home Town: Fleet, Hampshire


Linda  -  Team “Mum”

Linda is by far the most important member of the team as she keeps us fed and watered.  During race days she is also responsible for filling out the run data and backing Dave up after one of his customary long burn outs.  Away from the track Linda works at the local doctors surgery.


Home Town:  Farnborough, Hampshire


Ricki  -  Crewman

Ricki has been with the team for nine years and has the knowledge and ability to maintain all parts of the engine, although his main responsibility is the bottom end, which involves the removal and inspection of the bearings etc. every run.  He also checks and sets tyre pressures before a run.  When not racing he works for a Saab dealership.


Home Town:  Bourne End, Bucks


Jim  -  Crewman

Jim is Nick's younger brother who has owned, restored, built and raced many Mopars since the mid Eighties. Jim can turn his hand to most jobs on the car and can stand in where necessary. He is mainly responsible for the cleaning and inspection of parts when taken off the car; also fuel, oil and slow motion videoing of the car.


Home Town:  Cheam, Surrey


Nick - Crewman

Nick has been working on Mopars since the mid Eighties with his brother Jim, building and racing cars. He helps with the bottom end and removal of heads with Ricki, and also he helps to strap Dave into the car before each run.


Home Town:  Cheam, Surrey


Pete - Crewman

Pete has been a crew member for the past few years, but due to commitments he is unable to do the European leg this year, but we are lucky enough to have him in the pit when racing on home soil. He can turn his hand to most jobs eg: bearings, fluids, chutes... but his most important job is keeping spirits up with his barrage of jokes.


Home Town:  Petworth, West Sussex